Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What level class should I take? Answer: Go HERE
  2. When are the workshops? Answer: Go HERE
  3. What happens if I miss my class? Answer: You can reschedule for the next class of your choice.
  4. Can we retake a class over again? Answer: Yes, you can retake a class for $10.
  5. Do you give refunds? Answer: No. As soon as you register, you are given access to the private video tutorials and that is part of the value of the class which I cannot reclaim. If you decide you cannot attend, we can reschedule to a time that suits you better.
  6. Can I just have access to the video tutorials? Answer: Yes, for a $20 fee I will give you access to all three levels of video tutorials. Go here to purchase.
  7. Can I buy your actions? Answer: No. The actions are a little extra perk for taking the class. I am not in the business of selling actions.
  8. Can you show me how to download actions into my PSE? Answer: Yes. Once a week I will do a screen sharing session with up to four participants, where I show them how to download, extract and install action and then switch to their screens to walk them through it. The cost for this aid is $10
  9. Why don’t you do this stuff for free, why all the fees? Answer: I pay for an upgraded account where my video tutorials are held and I pay to use the program that I use for the online classes. I am taking time away from my family to provide these services and there is a lot more on the back end you are not seeing. The small compensation I ask for is not too much to ask.
  10. What kind of training do you have? Answer: Other than the three books I have on PSE and reading PSE specific message boards, I am self-taught. I do not claim to be an expert at PSE, rather someone who has felt her way through the blindness of learning such a program and knows the lights to turn on for other people.