You belong in the Beginner class if:

  • You just bought it or you have hardly used it.
  • You do not know anything about masks or brushes.
  • You kind of understand layers, but not completely
  • You have no idea what actions are or how to use them.

The beginner’s class will include:

  1. Importing pictures into Organizer and sorting/culling.
  2. Menus, tools and palettes in Full Edit mode.
  3. Basic editing in Full Edit mode.
  4. How to resize for printing and use on the Web.
  5. Question and answer time
  6. Private video tutorials to view prior to and after the class to help acclimate you to PSE.


You belong in the Intermediate class if:

  • You are familiar with and know how to use most of the tools in Full Edit mode.
  • You totally understand masks and how to use them. *VERY IMPORTANT
  • You know and understand layers (duplicate and adjustment). *VERY IMPORTANT
  • You know what actions are and use them (to some extent). *Not as important

The intermediate class will include:

  1. The main tools and how to use them.
  2. How to make the most of adjustment layers, especially Levels.
  3. Using masks with various layers.
  4. More involved steps to editing a portrait.
  5. Overview of textures and how to use them.
  6. Plug-ins available for PSE and how to use them.
  7. How to download and run actions (quick overview).
  8. Question and answer time.


You are ready for an Actions class if:

  • You’re NOT a beginner. That’s all.

All About Actions class will include:

  1. How to download, install and run actions.
  2. The different kinds of actions and when to run them.
  3. How to utilize layers in actions.
  4. Experimenting with various actions.
  5. Question and answer time.

Those attending the workshops will receive a PDF file which details what I will cover during their class, so they can refer back to it later. Attendees can retake the class again for $10. Attendees will also get access to a private area where I will be posting video tutorials.